Victims of Recession to get Free Therapy

Article added September 23, 2010

Fears of a depression and an anxiety epidemic, caused by the recession, are forcing the government to offer psychological help to millions of people facing unemployment, debt and relationship breakdown. Sufferers will be referred to psychotherapists for expert counselling via an advice network linking Jobcentres, doctors’ surgeries and a new NHS Direct hotline. Under the […]

Self-Help or Self Responsibility?

Article added September 19, 2010

Alan Yentob cleverly parodies the current trend for quick-fix self-help. You can’t always get what you want. By Stuart Mcgurk. Apparently, you can have anything you want. Just think of something say, Natalie Portman, say, or a yacht in the Carribean; or a yacht in the Carribean with Nathalie Portman on it. Soon it’ll all […]

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Special Programmes

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