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As well as Alexander Technique lessons, the Alexander Studio offers a comprehensive range of programmes designed to enhance personal effectiveness and professional excellence.

Alexander for Interview Techniques

Today more than ever, competition in the workplace is fierce. We are often only given a few key moments to make that vital impression.

These sessions incorporate a variety of interactive exercises. You will identify the obstacles that prevent you achieving your goals and develop new ways to manage and project yourself.

Particular emphasis is paid to the initial meeting and greeting, the quality of engagement, body language, voice and projection.

Alexander Technique for Audition Practice and Voice Training

How will you ensure that you stand out from the crowd?

Authenticity, poise and composure are vital elements to achieve audition success. Through manual guidance and role playing, you will become more aware of how you perform as well as understanding how others perceive you.

Special Programmes

Alexander lessons in Central London & East Finchley

Anthony also offers Alexander sessions in East Finchley…

Put your Best Face Forwards

Project confidence and poise for your work and personal introductions…


” I highly recommend the Alexander Technique for chronic back or neck pain sufferers, or simply for people who want to learn how to feel more mentally relaxed and at ease in their bodies. ”

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