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Means to Means: The Role of the Alexander Technique in Music

Article added July 29, 2011

By Malcolm Williamson In lessons my aim is to create a situation in which music students can make reliable choices regarding their own manner of use. The more years I teach, the more I understand that, in Alexander terms, saying ‘No’ (inhibiting inappropriate habitual reactions) is paramount. This involves much more than simply repeating words. […]

On Giving Directions, Doing and Non-Doing

Article added May 17, 2011

By Patrick Macdonald “The way that can be told is not the real way, The name that can be spoken – is not the real name.” That was written thousands of years ago and is still true. One cannot convey the essence of an art, and particularly an art of living, by the written or […]

Three Musicians Conclude their Discussion

Article added April 12, 2011

A discussion with Three Musicians JOE: Another little Zen activity one can adopt is making reeds without interfering with your neck. It’s very difficult. It’s a wonderful stress activity to think, “I’ve got this reed and everything depends on it”. I teach a few oboists and I do talk about that, and how to sit. […]

The 3 ‘Ups”

Article added March 30, 2011

By Avi Granit During a meeting of Alexander teachers in Tel Aviv, I worked with another teacher. I took the role of the teacher and used my hands to direct him. At one point I said to him “forward, up, and up”. His reaction was; “Why are you telling me ‘up’ twice? Is it in […]

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