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Marilyn Monroe: In Bed with Alexander

Article added March 7, 2011

It is not widely known that Marilyn Monroe was quite a fan of F. Matthias Alexander. A recently published photograph of Marilyn shows her reclining on her bed in her Studio apartment at the Beverly Carlton Hotel, with a copy of Alexander’s “Man’s Supreme Inheritance.” Marilyn’s copy includes her notes and annotations as well as […]

Dasein ist Mit Sein: To Be There is to Be With

Article added February 19, 2011

By Stanley Keleman Dasein Ist Mit Sein is an idea that comes from the existential thinking of Martin Heidegger. This phrase sums up for me the therapeutic experience. The interaction between therapist and client is influenced by how the therapist is present with himself and by how he perceives the client as being there with […]

The Core Stability Myth

Article added January 14, 2011

It’s taken ten years to discover that the founding principles of Pilates are flawed. If there is a Holy Grail of fitness to have emerged over the past decade, then it has to be the pursuit of core stability, the strengthening, toning and honing of the muscles that wrap around our midriffs like a corset. […]

Finding Meaning in one’s Work

Article added October 23, 2010

To renew one’s understanding of the truths which Alexander discovered is a recurring need for every teacher, and to work with other teachers can be a great help towards meeting it. Nowhere more than in Israel, is this kind of working together appreciated and put into practice in a manner which merits imitation elsewhere. When […]

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