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Anthony Kingsley BSc MA MSTAT

Anthony Kingsley completed his Alexander Teacher Training in 1986, and has studied extensively with several of the first generation of teachers to be qualified by Alexander. He has been privileged to have learned from Patrick Macdonald, Doctor Barlow and Majory Barlow, Miss Goldie and Walter Carrington.

Anthony has been the director of The Alexander Studio, London, since 1993 where he maintains his private practice. Anthony has been training teachers in London since 1990 and assisted in the training of over 100 Alexander Technique Teachers who are now working in the UK and throughout the world. Anthony is head of training at the Alexander Teacher Training School (ATTS), which offers a three-year professional teacher training in the Alexander Technique.

In 2000, Anthony qualified as a psychotherapist. This specialisation has deepened his understanding of the mind-body link in the Alexander Technique. He has worked with, and is inspired by the Formative Psychology approach of Stanley Keleman, and he offers individual sessions in integrative psychotherapy based on a somatic-emotional model.

Because of Anthony’s training, he has a powerful mind body approach to the Alexander Technique.  He is a specialist in what Doctors refer to as “somatisation”.

Many people who present to an Alexander Teacher suffer from a range of muscular and postural disturbances. “Somatisation” refers to the the evidence that much of this distress is a direct result of psychological stress. Anthony is uniquely trained to support a person through the physical release and towards emotional healing.

Anthony provides ongoing coaching for Alexander Teachers who wish to enhance their professional skills. He gives workshops and seminars on the technique to the general public in the United Kingdom and abroad. Anthony also consults to industry and the medical profession on stress-management, ergonomics, and personal effectiveness.

Aino Klippel MMus MSTAT

Aino Klippel is a clarinetist and professional in childcare. As an Alexander Teacher she continues to pursue her lifelong interest in learning and education. She enjoys working with performers and children as well as yoga enthusiasts. Aino has also studied the Bates Method of natural vision improvement, which informs her work as an Alexander Teacher.

Aino started to take regular Alexander lessons in Finland eight years ago. She then moved to London to train with Anthony Kingsley and graduated from the Alexander Teacher Training School in July 2010. Aino accomplished a post-graduate term while working towards accreditation with the College of Teachers.

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” I highly recommend the Alexander Technique for chronic back or neck pain sufferers, or simply for people who want to learn how to feel more mentally relaxed and at ease in their bodies. ”

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