Beyond Posture

Article added May 16, 2016

by Anthony Kingsley: We fall upwards into the ocean of Life that supports us. It is the actionless act of vital surrender.   Beyond Posture It was a truly wonderful Congress, with so many teachers, students and friends coming together from all over the world to explore the Alexander Technique with open hearts and open […]

On Getting a Pupil’s Head to go Forward and Up

Article added May 23, 2013

By Patrick Macdonald This essay is not meant to be a comprehensive treatise on how to teach the Alexander Technique. Indeed, the subtle interplay of forces, both psychological and mechanical, between teacher and pupil, which is, in my opinion, the essence of teaching the Alexander Technique, will only be touched on casually. My purpose in […]

The Alexander Technique: Education or Therapy?

Article added October 2, 2012

By Anthony Kingsley How can an Alexander Teacher define the Technique? Is the Alexander Technique an Education or a Therapy? Should Alexander Teachers sit on a register of complementary therapists such as the CNHC as we are currently entitled? At this moment in time, this issue is creating a huge amount of heat within the […]

An Unrecognised Principle in Human Behaviour

Article added September 22, 2012

By F M Alexander …. had been done by those who really believed that in its activity the human organism could be divided into these three separate entities even for practical purposes. For instance, I took the opportunity to see all that was being done by the physical culturists, by those who were teaching breathing, […]

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