Necks and Backs

Blog post added June 10, 2012

A common misunderstanding in the Alexander world is that pupils should spend time thinking about their necks and backs. There is a confusion about content and quality of thinking. The Alexander Technique is designed to encourage a certain quality of mind in which the neck and back move towards freedom. Thinking about the body can […]

The Attitude of Allowing

Blog post added May 14, 2012

It may be true that the Alexander Technique promotes a stillness and alertness of mind. The problem arises if the pupil attempts to achieve this quality directly. Any trying to achieve a specific result is counterproductive. It will sabotage the goal. Instead, an attitude of letting or allowing something to happen needs to be cultivated.

The Art and Soul

Blog post added April 19, 2012

Can we really describe the experience of The Alexander Process? The dangers of our attempts to describe this process is that we end up reducing the Technique to a set of measurable and limited outcomes. Can we really describe the experience of listening to a beautiful symphony, of observing a sublime sunset or of sharing […]

The Primary Control

Blog post added March 17, 2012

The Primary Control that Alexander discovered is usually seen as the primacy of the relationship of the Neck, Head and Back in human functioning. In fact, Alexander does relate his discovery to the work of professor Magnus who explored the head and spine patterns in vertebrates. He called this the “Central Control”. Indeed, when the […]

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