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Special Programmes

Online Individual and Group Sessions in the Alexander Technique, MindZero, Psychotherapy & Counselling, Zoom Ease

Online Alexander Technique Sessions

Anthony has pioneered a unique Online method of delivering Alexander Sessions via Zoom. With his experience and guidance, you can achieve profound transformations in your Mindbody.

With over 30 years experience, Anthony can enable you to find a deeper relaxation, and a quietness and stillness within yourself.

30 minutes Individual Alexander Sessions: £75


Online Small Group Alexander Sessions

You can experience the power of the Alexander Technique Online from the comfort of your own home by joining in a small group session.

50 minutes Group Alexander Sessions: £20.00 per person


Online MindZero – MindBody Therapy Sessions

Anthony is offering his unique MindBody Therapy – MindZero which is informed by the Alexander Technique and Somatic Therapy.

50 minutes Individual MindZero Sessions: £100


Online Psychotherapy and Counselling Sessions

Anthony is offering psychotherapy and Counselling via Zoom, to support people with their emotional wellbeing.

50 minutes Individual Psychotherapy and Counselling Sessions: £100



Anthony is offering CPD to professionals, sessions to small Groups and individuals in how to work easily and effectively Online without strain and fatigue.

50 minutes ZoomEase: £100


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Sessions in East Finchley

Anthony is now offering Alexander sessions in East Finchley on Mondays from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm. So, if getting into Central London is too much of a challenge, please get in touch if this new location suits you…


Put Your Best Face Forwards

Project confidence and poise. Make the most of your professional and personal introductions.

Maybe you are invited to a life changing interview, a romantic date or you are planning a presentation in front of colleagues. Maybe you are about to walk down the aisle on your special day.

Or maybe you wish to feel and show your best, moment by moment…

Anthony offers a unique 5 to 10 session programme in the Alexander Technique which is tailored to your individual ambitions.

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Special Programmes

A Relaxed and Strain-Free Screen Time with ZoomEase

Anthony teaches you how to work easily and effectively Online without pain and fatigue…

Online Psychotherapy and MindBody Therapy

Anthony also offers traditional Psychotherapy and MindBody Therapy via Zoom…

Alexander Technique Online Sessions

Anthony has pioneered a unique Online method of delivering Alexander Sessions via Zoom…

The Alexander Teacher Training School

Are you looking for a new and satisfying career? Visit our Alexander School website for Teacher Training Opportunities


” I highly recommend the Alexander Technique for chronic back or neck pain sufferers, or simply for people who want to learn how to feel more mentally relaxed and at ease in their bodies. ”