Anthony’s 3 Day Online Webinar Series, June 2020

Blog post added June 9, 2020

Free Online Webinars for Alexander Technique Teachers and Students

The Alexander Technique, Habitual Patterns of Thought and the Emotional Body

If you wish to join, please send an email to Jill:


During this time of lockdown and social distancing, Anthony Kingsley is offering an invitation to the Alexander community to share this free Programme.  

He will be presenting for 1 hr per day

Wed 10th June to Fri 12th June at 

5-6pm British Summer Time, 6-7pm European time, 12-1pm EST We will upload a recording of each session on Anthony’s YouTube Channel: Anthony Kingsley – YouTube


Day 1: Weds 10th June, 2020

The Alexander Technique and the Emotional Body

  • What is the groundwork which supports Emotional Integration?
  • The importance of not-exciting the fear reflexes.
  • How can we manage and understand emotional events in the Alexander experience?
  • What is the role of the Alexander Technique in Emotional Healing?


Day 2:  Thurs 11th June, 2020

A Psychophysical Exploration of the Force of Habit: The 4 Quadrants

  • What are the different types or patterns that an Alexander pupil brings to a Lesson?
  • What did Alexander mean by a change in thinking?
  • What is the Relationship of Habits to Addictions?


Day 3: Fri 12th June, 2020

The Essential Principles of the Alexander Technique and the Non-Essential Variables

  • What are the timeless core Principles of the Technique that we can all share, regardless of our individual Teaching styles?
  • And what are the artistic variables of Teaching that we can bring to the unique Relationship of Self and Other in a Lesson?
  • Can the Alexander Technique be communicated Online?


After each Presentation, there will be time for Questions and Answers.

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