Various Quotations on the Alexander Technique

Article added August 20, 2012

“Alexander’s work is of first class importance and investigation by the medical profession is imperative.”
British Medical Journal

“The Alexander Technique helped a long standing back problem, and to get a good night’s sleep after many years of tossing and turning.”
Paul Newman, Actor

“The Alexander Technique removed a long standing back problem and improved my riding ability. Riders who take up the technique always make a very significant improvement in their riding.”
Daniel Pevsner, Fellow of the British Horse Society.

“The Alexander Technique really works.”
Roald Dahl, Author

“This story of perceptiveness, of intelligence and persistence shown by a man without medical training, is one of the true epics of medical research and practice.”
Nikolaas Tinbergen, Nobel Prize-winner for Medicine and Physiology, 1973

I noticed with growing amazement, very striking improvements in such diverse things as high blood pressure, breathing, depth of sleep, overall cheerfulness, mental alertness, resilience against outside pressures, and also in such refined skills as the playing of a stringed musical instrument.”
Nikolaas Tinbergen, Nobel Prize-winner for Medicine and Physiology, 1973

“It is by now a plain brute fact that the Alexander Principle works. It is also a plain brute fact that most of the population need it but know nothing of it.”
Dr Wilfred Barlow, 1990

“The Alexander Technique transformed my life. It is the result of an acknowledged genius. I would recommend it to anyone.”
Tony Buzan, author of ‘Use Your Head, The Evolving Brain’

“I find the Alexander Technique very helpful in my work. Things happen without you trying. They get to be light and relaxed. You must get an Alexander Teacher to show it to you.”
John Cleese, Comedian and Actor

“I was dubious about the effects of the Alexander Technique when I first went in to experience it, but I found out almost immediately that the benefits were total – both physically and mentally – and, happily, have also been long-lasting.”
Joanne Woodward, Actress

“The Alexander Technique gives us all things we have been looking for in a system of physical education: relief from strain due to maladjustment, and constant improvement in physical and mental health. We cannot ask for more from any system; nor, if we seriously desire to alter human beings in a desirable direction, can we ask for any less.”
Aldous Huxley, Writer

“Alexander established not only the beginnings of a far reaching science of the apparently involuntary movements we call reflexes, but a technique of correction and self control which forms a substantial addition to our very slender resources in personal education.”
George Bernard Shaw, Playwright and Alexander’s pupil

“It is one thing to teach the need of a return to the individual man as the ultimate agency in whatever mankind and society collectively can accomplish. It is another thing to discover the concrete procedure by which this greatest of all tasks can be executed. And this indispensable thing is exactly what Mr. Alexander has accomplished.”
Professor John Dewey, Philosopher and Educationalist

“Mr. Alexander’s method lays hold of the individual as a whole, as a self-vitalising agent. He reconditions and re-educates the reflex mechanisms and brings their habits into normal relation with the functioning of the organism as a whole. I regard this method as thoroughly scientific and educationally sound.”
Professor George E Coghill, Nobel Prize Winning Anatomist and Physiologist

“I submit that Alexander demonstrated a principle of supreme importance for a holistic world-view. He made a breakthrough which is nothing less than an evolutionary step forward, when a single human being learned to take constructive, conscious control of the direction of his own use of himself. He discovered man’s supreme inheritance and the universal constant in living. He overcame the reliance on faulty sensory register and taught himself a central general habit of use of his entire body working as an indivisible psycho-physical unity.”
Sir George Trevelyan, the “grandfather” of the movement for spiritual regeneration in Britain

“Every man, woman and child holds the possibility of physical perfection; it rests with each of us to attain it by personal understanding and effort.”
F. Matthias Alexander, developer of the Alexander Technique

“I love the Alexander Technique. It has corrected my posture, improved my health and changed my life.”
Alec McCowen CBE, actor

“The Alexander Technique has helped me to undo knots, unblock energy and deal with almost paralysing stage fright.”
William Hurt, actor

“The Alexander Technique makes a real difference to my often tense and busy life. Its thoughtful approach has made me calmer, improved my concentration and given me a clearer sense of my own well being. I am grateful for it.”
Joan Bakewell, TV presenter and journalist

“Alexander students rid themselves of bad postural habits and are helped to reach with their bodies and minds, an enviable degree of freedom of expression.”
Michael Langham, Director, The Juilliard School, New York USA

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