The Neural Reset Button

Blog post added January 27, 2015

I was fascinated to read today in the “Times” a fascinating article by Professor Levitin, entitled: The Organised Mind: How to better structure our mind in the age of social media and constant distraction. Levitin seems to have stumbled onto the same problematics that Alexander was exploring about 100 years ago! And of course that was well before Twitter, Facebook, Emails and the Web!!

Alexander was very concerned with the increasing demands made upon our minds and bodies as a result of information overload. He correctly saw that our nervous systems were in a state of over-reaction, and that we had lost the natural ability to truly relax. It was as if we are in a hyper state of flight and fight, always on the go, always ready for the next emergency. Alexander termed this stress state “End-Gaining”. By this he meant that our attention was constantly being pulled out of ourselves. This state is like jumping out of our skins.

The solution for Levitin is to restore the possibility for creative “mind wandering” as a kind of neural reset for the nervous system. He suggests 30 to 50 minutes engaged in a non-multi-tasking activity, but rather in a single task like walking, listening to music.

For Alexander, the solution is to relearn a balanced resting state that is truly restful for the mind and body. It is a state that is at once creative, restorative, healing and spontaneous. People come to Alexander because although they may wish to reset their neural buttons, they are so stuck in their habitual way of being in the world, that they require help and guidance in order to experience this new reality.

Please contact me if you feel that this may apply to you, and come in and experience the possibility of deep and healing regeneration.

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