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Anthony Kingsley is an Alexander Technique Teacher of over 35 years and a Somatic Psychotherapist.

He delivers Alexander Technique Sessions, traditional psychotherapy and somatic therapy in North London from The Alexander Studio in Golders Green, North London and via Zoom to clients worldwide. 

Throughout his career, Anthony has explored and studied extensively with many leaders in the field of somatic therapy, trauma therapy and numerous mind body healing systems.  

Anthony Kingsley Alexander Technique

“The healing of trauma is a natural process that can be accessed through an inner awareness of the body”

Peter Levine in “Waking the Tiger,” 1997


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Watch Anthony at work on his YouTube Channel.

So what’s are Alexander Technique lessons all about? 

The individual self is a holistic system of mind and body.

At the core of the self is a capacity for self-regulation, recovery and healing.

This innate capacity for renewal is often interfered with and compromised by our adaptions to distressing events.

Anthony sees the role of the Alexander Teacher as offering a safe and still space where the adaptive patterns can soften, and the Self can return to its biological rhythms and health.


What does the Alexander Technique help with?

    • Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain

    • Stress-related Health Problems

    • Fatigue & Brain Fog
    • Anxiety & Depression

    • RSI and Computer-related distress

    • Tension Headaches

    • Performance in the Work Place 

    • Relationships

    • Fertility and Conception

    • Pregnancy and Preparation for Birth

    • Voice Problems and Breathing


Are you looking for long-lasting benefits?

Are you frustrated after trying loads of treatments with only short-term benefits?

The Alexander Technique is different. It gets right to the cause of the problem and offers the solution.

Symptoms can then disappear forever.

It is today’s choice for today’s challenges.

It’s what we stop doing rather than what we do that counts.



Anthony was honoured to have written the introduction to Alexander’s republished (2018) classic text The Use of the Self, (1932).

It offers readers an exciting and inspiring new perspective on the Alexander Technique. Buy it here on Amazon.

Alexander's book - Use of the Self

Alexander Lessons or Classes in North London are available at the Alexander Studio in Golders Green, NW11, as well as Online Alexander Technique Lessons via Zoom.

Anthony also offers Alexander Sessions in Central London on Mondays.


Please use our Contact Form or call us on 020 7629 1808, to book up a session of the Alexander Technique in North London, or Therapy, in-person or Online or to ask us any questions.

Anthony Kingsley, Msc, MA, MSTAT is an experienced Alexander Technique Teacher who is certified, registered and insured by The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique.


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” I highly recommend the Alexander Technique for chronic back or neck pain sufferers, or simply for people who want to learn how to feel more mentally relaxed and at ease in their bodies. ”


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